Friday, June 15, 2007


Have you heard of Facebook? It's the newest thing that I've found. Apparently most people find it addicting...Not me.... I could take it or leave it. I find blogging much more enjoyable. But one thing about it... you can look up old friends...
I found a childhood friend on there that I'm waiting to hear back from. We were best friends for many years and when I was about 16 I lived with her family for part of a year. I was so excited to find her. We haven't talked for about 12 years or so... I've heard that she's gotten married.. had a baby... and I don't know what else she's done, but I'm really glad that I finally tracked her down.
If you go back in my archives, I've actually written about her. Her name is Darla.... we had TONS of fun together.
Anyway... If I had to choose between these two vices, I'd pick this one... I find it's much more personal. We get to know each other through our blogs. Being relational beings, I think most of us would pick this over the other...
So what do YOU think... AND do you have a Facebook account too??

Have YOU ever??

I see on the sidebar of my blog an ad about working from home and making $40/hr....doing surveys...?
Has anyone ever done that? I'm wondering if it's something that I should do? I really don't want to go to work! I want to be here....Actually it's more than not wanting to go to work. I just can't seem to keep up at all on things around the house when I work! It's terrible, things just fall apart! The house becomes un-inhabitable!! And I'm NOT kidding!
So I'm thinking - the solution must be to find something that I can do from here, and still be able to contribute to our finances...
Too bad we didn't get paid for blogging, hey guys?!?!?!! LOL>>> don't we all wish....some of us would be rollin' in the dough. :OD
If anyone has any great suggestions for me....Just let me know!!!