Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Sunday

Today started off with church. We go to a small church of around 100 people. We've gone there..well I have...since 1989. Randal grew up in this church. The neighbour lady took him to Sunday School there and eventually his mom started going too. So when you're taking that next door kid to church or just under your wing...don't think it's can change the course of that person's life! That church is the center point (after God of course) of our lives. Randal's brother met his wife there. It's been really good. Alot of people have come and gone...There are some that we've been friends with for a long time. They've almost become family..mine doesn't live nearby(until this year)and some of them have become family away from family. We experienced weddings together...we've had children together...we've held each others babies..had showers for each other...had some really fun and good times over the years. Some of them helped us through a tragic funeral...well the funeral wasn't but you know what I mean...we've watched our children grow and begin school...and some of them have almost reached graduation already...The crazy part is how fast this has all happened! Before you know it we'll be helping each other with our kids weddings!

This afternoon a friend and I spent a couple of hours getting the fellowship room at our church set up and decorated for a funeral. One of our good friends lost their mother yesterday afternoon. So Lorraine(my girlfriend) and I are getting things in order to have the funeral on Tuesday. Maude was 89 yrs old so this isn't really too sad a funeral..well they're always sad..but it's not so bad when they're this age. You know that they've gone to a better place, where they are no longer in pain, and their body parts all work again...well actually better than they ever did!! It was great to get together and do this for a mutual friend! There's just something special about being there for those people in your life that have been there for you when you needed it! :)
so now we're home...eating a late supper and watching Evan Almighty...good end to a good day. Well I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Saturday...the THIRD day!

Today was Saturday...and we spent the whole day home...It was really nice. It seems like we rarely do that...especially with all of us here! Randal was outside cleaning up leaves and finishing off winterizing the pool. That kept him busy all day because he also put away the deck furniture and I don't know what else! But it looks great out there...other than the fact that everything is either dead or dying :\
We're doing an experiment with the potted plants from the pool deck. The girls and Randal brought them all in. They're sitting down in the workshop for the winter. We're hoping that they'll survive and we can put them back out in the spring. Annuals are SO expensive. It's really easy to spend a couple hundred $$ on flowers! Although it's also very painful. This year I waited until everything was clearance priced....One downside to that, is that then everything takes so long to get big. By the end of the growing season it all is looking just beautiful! So hopefully the little experiment works.

Courtenay and I spent the day painting. We got the kitchen and the livingroom finished, well almost! The trim still needs doing, but at least we got those tall walls done! Once we finish the trim (tomorrow, I hope)the next challenge will be to reach the ceiling in the entrance! It's about 10' going up to about 14'...I'm not sure where we'll find a couple of ladders tall enough to get that done!? Oh well..we'll figure that out when we get to it.

Hope you all had a great Saturday today, and we'll chat again tomorrow! :D
ps... I see this is technically after midnight... but it's still the same day for me! especially since I haven't gone to bed yet!