Sunday, March 11, 2007

Family Fun Day On The Mountain

Yesterday was Saturday. We had a rare day at home with everyone here! It was great. We did some stuff around the house then headed out for a hike.We drove thru Wendy's on the way up to the mountain. We grabbed value meals for everyone and off we went. By the time we got there it was about 2:30. We finished our lunch and headed up the hill. As we came around the hill the wind hit us like a wall! It was sooo chilly and windy it nearly blew us off the mountain. The girls weren't expecting the cold so came out in their hoodies and were lucky that Dad had extra coats of his in the back of the van. So if they look kinda funny - that's why.
We walked until we got to the sign for our city. It's made out of concrete with coarsely crushed white rock pressed into it. It can be seen from across the lake.... It looks like the "Hollywood" sign in California. The letters are each around 30 feet tall -and steep! Everything is totally brown.This area is semi arid and has alot of cactus on the ground.We took Goldie our golden retriever/lab up there with us and she found out all about our cactus. The poor dog.... she stood in one spot with her foot up and then tried to walk but couldn't. I was amazed how still she stood for us to remove the cactus from her poor little foot. Then she took off and did it'd think....ya never mind.. :) We should have taken pics of it stuck in her foot but the camera was dead by then. oh well.... not that you'd be missing much.. :o)
So....we left the mountain and went to explore the area that we had been looking down on. We went for a drive for about another 1/2 hour... down to the lake.... I wish the camera hadn't died by then, because it was a beautiful day to be at the water. The wind was whipping up white caps on the crest of those king-size waves. It was soo pretty! And soo cold. The dog had just as much fun or more than the rest of us. She ran all over- nose to the ground, sniff, sniff, sniffing her way everywhere we went.
We finished off the day by dropping the kids off at home then heading to the produce store. After finishing there, I thought hey... perfect opportunity.... Randal is with me..... he can come grocery shopping with me! Yes! Well he informed me that we needed to go home first, so I could drop him off to use the washroom....I told him that they had one at the store he could use, so that was okay.... we could just go to the store... then he said that he should go home so he could put potatoes on to go with the roast that was cooking for dinner....I finally realized that he was trying to find a reason to go home and NOT go food shopping!! Well the rest is history. It was painful for him-lol..... but he was great to have along.. so nice not to do it alone... He carried the heavy boxes for me. I find shopping so exhausting that I tend to avoid it until the fridge is bare... doesn't make meal prep very easy though! So now the fridge and freezer are stocked! Yay... It was so much easier than doing it alone.. and nice to have company. Well I should get to bed. With this time change it's really throwing me off... altho it's only the 2nd night..... I have a bad late nite habit it's another hour later. Oh well... discipline.. just gotta get myself off here earlier and get to bed! Well have a great day today!
ta ta for now