Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coming a blog near you....

I'm working on a couple of fun posts...if I can figure out how to get a video on here, it won't take forever!!! We helped friends move today and are helping some other friends move tomorrow and am helping clean the house completely right down to the baseboards before they move in..sooo it won't be REAL soon but it will be fairly soon! :D I'm taking Leigh Ann up on a challenge she put out to us awhile'll have to


Monday, September 24, 2007


A big thank you to Leigh Ann, from Learning to Live and Living to Learn, for the "you make me smile"award. It was sweet of you to mention me in your blog Leigh Ann...thanks! ♥♥ Now... I get the feeling that I'm supposed to be passing this on to some of MY bloggy buddies that make me grin. Well this really shouldn't be too difficult to come up with 10 of you as I enjoy reading sooo many! My girls are amazed at the number I have bookmarked in my "favourites"! " you read ALL those blogs?!?" is something that I've heard more than once. =)

So without further ado.....I give you:

1~Mighty Mom...she makes me smile because of her incredible patience and good attitudes with her little sweetie pies that love to mattress surf, curtain climb...etc! She keeps me entertained with these tales of adventure!

2~Leigh Ann...her posts are always full of wit, cute little munchkins and yummy foods! I feel her warmth every time I open her site.

3~Terri makes me grin in envy at the beautiful scenery of her new Alaskan home. Her kids are pretty entertaining too! I liked Izzaks eagle outfit. :) She's an encouragement to me as well.

4~ Christie has been fun to visit over the last while as she waited for hubby to return from Iraq. I've really enjoyed hearing about her new home decorating and also am SO glad that she was able to find a nice medic alert bracelet!!! ;0) You're welcome Jason!!!

5~Amy keeps me smilin' with her stories of life on the farm...the life I'd love to be living!(I'm extremely grateful for the life I'm living, the family and home that I have but if it were an option I'd pick farm life) Her posts are often full of humour, sometimes serious, but always a fun read.

6~Ginger keeps me informed of what my life will be like in the future...she has girls, (about 10 yrs older than mine)like I do. I love her inspirational and encouraging posts...she's a real gem.

7~Lori makes me smile with all the pretty things she does in her home. Her children are just the sweetest little gems too!

8~Candy keeps me smiling as I read her posts and see the kindness and gentleness that makes up who she is...a kind, gentle, caring, giving lady.

9~WeaverMom...keeps me engaged with her interesting home school posts and great pictures of Punkin and Snugbug! Congrats to Punkin on mastering a two wheeler without training wheels!!! Yahoooooo!!!!

10~And last but definitely not least!!~Rita, over at Jungle Hut, keeps me smiling...errr....grimacing with her stories of life in the jungle....gotta love those army ants, the lice, the taste bud tempting termites and we can't leave out those incredible "24" ants...hop on over if you're curious!

Now there are many more than 10 of you wonderful people out there that make me grin...and sometimes cry...and generally keep me family fed with new and interesting recipes..etc, etc!! There are just too many of you to fit here are a few of you..
Thanks again to Leigh Ann... you inspired me to get busy and do some real posting! Thank you to all of you for letting me in to enjoy your day to day lives! I miss you all when I'm busy and don't get to reading up on what you've all been up to!!
take care
I know you're all not used to me posting more than once a month these days, so scroll down...I did TWO days in a row!!! I know I know...I'm just amazing!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well today started out pretty much like any other day. I got up about 7 and put on the tea. I sat and drank my tea as the sun came streaming over the mountain and flooded the livingroom with it's warm glow. I knew it was going to be a good day! By this time the house started stirring...well Randal did anyway! No kids though...they really weren't too interested in getting up..they would all sleep until 11 or noon if allowed. They're real sleepers! Even when they were small...nobody was up at the crack of dawn, like most children are. This suited me real fine when they were preschoolers!! :) Those were busy days I tell ya. Three kids within 35 months really kept me hopping to put it mildly. Anyway... I deviated there.
Yesterday Lindsay and Courtenay were out picking apples for the afternoon. They want to make some money to help pay for a youth function that they'd like to attend. After picking apples they went over to a friends for a sleep over...these are always late this morning not too long before we had to pick them up for church Lindsay realized that she wasn't feeling good enough to be teaching her Sunday School class, so asked me to fill in. This was about 45 minutes before church!! I didn't like the idea of no prep but she said.. oh mom, they're only 5 years old!?! So I figured I should be okay...Yeah it went fine...but they wanted me to make up a story to tell them .."cuz that's what Lindsay does".*grin* I had to tell them that I was a really bad story teller and that it would have to come out of a book today...well it all worked out just fine...I think I snowed every one of them! They had no idea that I didn't know what I was doing!! Actually I think they kinda liked it... I asked them what they usually did in their class and they were more than happy to tell me the order of things!
After church we went to the park with some friends and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the warm fall sun. It was so nice if the sun stayed out but that chill is in the air reminding us that winter is not far off! We had a bit of running around to do and then for the evening we went over to a friends house for a farewell party. We have two sets of friends moving away. One couple I've known for almost 15 yrs..Randal has known the husband since birth! They're moving way over to the other side of the continent and down into the States. They're heading to Burlington, Massachussetts. That's a LONG ways away... I don't imagine that we'll ever get over there to visit them. The airfare would be unbelievable. I'm really glad that they'll be coming back for Christmas. His company will pay for one flight up per year...So I guess it's not as sad as it could least we know that they'll be coming back to visit!
The other couple has been coming to our church for just over a year. But they're the kind of people that you feel a quick attachment with. We will really miss them as well.......So it was a bit of an emotional evening.
Onto other things.......well...let's see...what else could I tell you about.....hmm....well....I'm going to have to show you this next thing...
I've started a 54" square quilt. I'm not a really big 'sewer', but I do enjoy it when I get down to it. My girlfriend, Lorraine, and I have started getting together every Monday to do this. What a great thing to do! I'm really enjoying it. I get to spend time with a friend and get something done at the same time. I think it reminds me of the days when I was little and Mom would have the ladies over for "missionary circle". The ladies all got together to make things to send to the missionaries. It was such a nice atmosphere when all the ladies were sitting around sewing and chatting. So yeah, that's my newest project.
I've also been spending a fair bit of time in Janelle's classroom. She's been having a bit of difficulty with school and this seems to really help. She has been having much more success with gettting her work done! I'm realizing that she CAN do it, it's just getting her to do it! Last friday I spent the whole day at school. I did a grade 4 math class then a grade 7 math class then a grade 7 social studies class... by lunch time I was exhausted!! I must say that I really did enjoy it though...I'm almost thinking that I'd like to be a teacher's assistant...the biggest thing that would steer me away from it would be the politics involved. Actually I haven't seriously considered it but after spending time just helping out in those classes, I found that I really enjoyed it!
Anyway....I'm awfully tired and am starting to just ramble on and on... I'm going to say Goodnight! You all take care..and I'm hoping to start posting at least a little bit more regularly! I'll try to get around to visit, hopefully tomorrow night.
:)thanks for stopping by..Heather

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cute Quote

Everybody wants to help Save The Earth, but nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes!

~Tom McMahon

Tuesday, September 4, 2007