Sunday, March 4, 2007

More fun in the baking hot sun.

The week of the clown party was an extremely hot one! The temperature ranged between 38' and 42'C!! For my American friends, that's about 100-108'F!! The kids spent most of one day in the pool and then had to stay inside for a couple of days playing boardgames.....They were more than happy to be in out of the heat. Great Grandma Scott was here during that heat. For those of you that know her, you will remember that she can't stand the heat! Well fortunately the new house has a heat pump, so she just stayed in. I don't think she even poked her nose out during the heat of the day. She was able to go out late in the evening on those nights that it cooled down....she even got out into the pool once!

Youth pool party at our house


"All the clowns"

Lysh and Linds

Jelly Bell

Court and Lysh