Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Answers to: Sooo...... which one is NOT true... which ones are true?

And the answers AAAARE:

1. I got married on my 20th birthday.

I got married one month before my 22nd birthday. My newest friend Debbie is the winner on this one.... Actually Ginger guessed it right too... way to go girls!!

2.I have 4 children.

I have 4 girls. Ages 9, 12, 131/2, and 15!!!

3. I rode my horse in the house when I was a kid.

TRUE. Sorry Terri-- Believe it or not... I did... I rode her through the house, in the front door and out the back! I was about 9 or 10... mom had gone to town to grocery shop and when the cat's away the mice will play!!! The floors were hardwood and no she didn't make a mess... yes Peter she was a pony, a Welsh pony.. very nice little horse.

4. I've had a job where I lit fires in the forest.

TRUE... Had great fun especially since I'm a total firebug!!! What more could one ask for.. getting paid to light fires!?! Except that we were slugging thru wet and cold, deep snow and trying to light wet wood piles!!!

5. I'm the only girl out of six children.

TRUE. Sorry Leigh Ann.... yes I have 5 brothers.... and man what a great childhood... boys were alot of fun to grow up with! lots of adventure!!

6. We have a swimming pool in our backyard.

TRUE. Yes a swimming pool that we are still working on!! What a job... I have a word of advice for prospective or new pool owners... PUT THE WINTER COVER ON!!! And shut it down properly!!

7. I am a stay at home mom.

TRUE... Okay... I caused some confusion with this one...Leigh Ann hit the nail on the head in her comment. I AM a SAHM but I do take jobs here and there, especially the last 3 or so months! But I guess I still consider myself a SAHM because I don't have a permanent job other than the one I do Wednesday mornings....

8. My favourite drink is water.

TRUE. Okay Kitty.. I do really like, ummm depend upon, coffee! BUT sorry --if I had to choose only one drink it would be water for sure... there's nothin' like a cool refreshing drink of nice sparkly water!

9. My oldest daughter is 15.

TRUE. Yes this makes this Momma feel really old!! How could I possibly have a 15 yr old girl?!?! But I'm looking forward to doing some fun stuff with her this summer! (The other kids too... it's just that the older two are getting older now and are getting to be more friends than kids....I have to say tho that i enjoy all the ages they go thru!.. just love our girls!)