Thursday, March 29, 2007

Have You Ever Made Bread Bowls??

I just want to know if anyone has ever made bread bowls? I want to make some but thought a tried and true recipe would be nice to have. I guess I could use a general bread recipe, but am not sure if the bread would be too fluffy and soft for a bowl.....If you have one that you like please let me know. Thanks so much!

My Expanded Blog Roll

I came to the conclusion today that it would be easier to list all your blogs on my blog. This way I won't have to go to my bookmarks to find your blogs. So have a look and see if you're listed. Some of them are people that visit my blog and comment and some of them are just blogs that I like to read each day. The other thing is... if you don't see your name listed there and you'd like to be, just let me know and I'll add you.
I see by my visitor count that there are lots of visitors that don't comment.... sooo maybe you are one of those lurkers.... have a look you just may find your blog listed there! By the way....the reason I have the visitor counter is to satisfy my curiosity about where my visitors are coming from...not really to keep the count...So thanks for dropping by..... it's fun to learn about each others lives... maybe tomorrow I'll get to that meme about myself that I'm planning to do.

The Greatest is Love!

Last Saturday it was Amanda and Janelle and I at home. So we headed downtown to visit a little shop, called Rose Wood Cottage,on it's grand re-opening. They had a fire a few months back and are now ready to go again. It was the coolest store. They used to have all kinds of neat things- a mixture of antiques and newer unique finds...(Candy- I think you would call their stuff 'shabby chic') I loved going in there. But I was disappointed this time. All they had was a bunch of Easter stuff, bunnies, eggs, etc. It was really cute stuff, just not what I was hoping to see. So we walked over to the Christian bookstore. They carry a fair bit of artwork and home decorating items. I found some "words" to put on my wall. They're made out of iron. I was surprised to find that they were only $8 each! So I got the trio, Faith, Hope and Love. Each one is about 8" tall. Amanda was helping me take pictures of them for you all to see. Candy you can (somewhat) see my pink walls in these pics. For now these words are just stuck on the wall wherever there happens to be a hook. The lady that owned this house before us had TONS of stuff on her walls! So when we paint, we'll do a lot of nail hole filling and only have these hooks where we want them.