Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"this" real mum~

Well I've been struggling with the "Real Mums" meme for at least a week.... I've seen this done different ways and wasn't sure how I was going to go about writing this. I didn't want to write something nice and mushy that really isn't who I am....I'm not one of those "perfect" moms who does everything right. I wanted it to portray who I really here goes... my version...

This Real Mom:

1. taught/is teaching her kids how to do their own laundry because this real mum
can't 'do it all'.
2. gets her kids to clean their own room.
3. teaches her kids independence because learning to care for ones own things and ones self is very important for success in life.
4. loves to cuddle with her girls
5. loses her patience and sometimes yells.
6. has low energy days and the house falls apart.
7. loves to see her girls happy and enjoying life.
8. sometimes has to say no when her kids want to go to an event.
9. sticks to her guns when she has said no.
10. believes that a solid grounding in God's Word is important for her girls.
11. blogs when she should be housekeeping.... (c;
12. Likes to take her girls out for an occasional one on one time with mom.
13. loves hanging out at home with her girls...just spending time together.
14. loves the sound of her girls laughing!
15. loves it when her kids get along and play together nicely.
16. encourages her girls to do their best in whatever they're doing.
17. Is proud of the good choices that her girls make.
18. Is pleased to see the maturity her girls are attaining(in all aspects of their lives)!
19. loves to spontaneously jump in the van and go for a this Saturday...I'm hoping to jump in the van and go down to Oliver for a horse and tack sale.... just for the experience....but then that won't be spur of the moment - would it?!?

I could go on and on .......
So this is THIS real mum - in the one that I've copied from somewhere else.

Duckling feeding fish in the pond!