Friday, August 22, 2008

It's cooling down for fall

Well it is starting to cool off now...We've had several days of rainy weather, along with a few thunderstorms. I love a good thunderstorm! The biggest problem with them in this area is forest fires. But so far this year, we haven't had too many. When they do start, it's been rainy enough that they haven't gotten too out of hand. Aaanyway.. the pool has cooled down quite a bit and it looks like we'll soon be closing it down for the season. It's so pretty when it's open and so bleak looking when it's closed-- oh well..
The kids are bugging me to take them to the city tomorrow so they can spend some of their hard earned cash! I'm not really excited about this prospect...but I think we'll head up that way anyhow. One last trip before school starts. I guess we should probably pick up school supplies while we're there. The cousins that were here are gone(all except one) and it's been pretty quiet. That will soon be ending, as my mom and grandma and 3 more cousins arrive on Sunday! I'm not sure how long they will be staying--probably for 5-7 days. School starts in 11 days, so they will need to be home in time to finish preparations for school. It will be nice to see this set of cousins, as it's been since last summer that we've all been together with them.
Today I took my eldest in to the clinic where they removed some kind of a "thing" from her leg. I think it's either a cyst or some type of wart. They're sending it to have it analyzed. We will get the pathology report back when we go in for stitch removal next week. If you can believe it, I watched while the dr. froze her leg with about 8 or so pokes of a needle, then watched whilst he removed it with his scalpel. There was a hole there after he removed it and you could see her blood pumping up from it...sorry if that was too graphic for you. I then watched him stitch it up. I have to say that I really surprised myself! I tend to be a bit squeamish about incisions and the likes. Aren't you glad I didn't take my camera?? She wanted to take pictures of it as it happened but forgot the camera. THank goodness for that!!
Anyway I hope that all is well with you all!
take care.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the girls and the cake they made. They just did it for fun. It wasn't for anything special. They finished it and we had it mostly eaten within an hour or so! It not only looked great it ~ it tasted great too!!