Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please Pray for Grandma

Yesterday my 87 yr. old Grandma took her little dog out in her yard for a little walk. She decided to do it alone without her cane for some reason. Well somehow she got in behind the motor home and fell. She severely fractured her hip. My Aunt, who she lives with, was cleaning house and sat down for a minute in the living room. Her little dog started barking at the door, so she got up and opened the door to let it out and could then hear Grandma calling her. So she went out and found her laying there in terrible pain. They got the ambulance out to the farm to pick her up. When they got her to the hospital they transferred her to a larger center for surgery. She wasn't breathing when they brought her out of surgery, apparently because of fluid on the lungs. They had her on a ventilator and were getting her ready to ship her out to a major hospital when she started breathing on her own and came conscious. So she must have had a lot of people praying for her. She really believes that when it's a person's time to go, they'll go... I'm not sure what she thinks of that now.... I guess she probably still thinks the same. She's not afraid of death, but ya know, we'd really like to keep her for awhile longer.... she is really the cement in our family.....she ties us all together... If you want to know how one of the MANY cousins are doing you call Grandma.... she'll know. Her biggest desire is to see all of her family come to know Jesus, and she has spent the last many years working on that. We had her here for about 3 weeks last summer and it was so nice to have her. I could have just kept her, but she wants to be out where her kids are.
Anyway please remember to pray for her as this is a long and painful road to recovery. Thank you my friends! :o)