Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not your typical Tuesday.

oh Nooo... I see that there is a scheduled outage for RIGHT NOW!!!
I started to write this post and noticed that Blogger just went offline! I nearly had a panic attack!! That's not a good sign! :P Obviously it came back on within a minute or so.
Well today was the funeral that I was telling you about prepping for on Sunday. It went really well and the family was so happy with the decorating that we did as well as the food. It was really good to know that they were happy with the results.
At one point during the service they had an open mic. I decided that I would go up and just say a few brief words. Now you have to understand that I'm the person that used to look for the nearest hole in the ground if someone spoke to me from the pulpit, at one time. Well I'm much better than I used to be about that, but still find it hard to speak in front of a crowd, but felt that I really wanted to say a little something. So I rehearsed in my head what I was going to say and as soon as the first guy finished talking I jumped up(almost literally!) and headed up to the mic. I adjusted the mic and tried to open my mouth to speak...well my chin started to quiver and there was no way that words were going to come out of my mouth! I tried a couple of times and thought I should just go back to my seat. Then thought-'no...I need to do this'. So I sucked it up...took a deep breath and started talking. What I said was really not what I had planned on saying and am a bit disappointed in that but ...oh well..at least it was something. Some people(that KNOW me)were fairly surprised when I stood up, because, like I said...NOT something I'd normally do voluntarily!! One lady said to me she couldn't believe it and said to the lady beside her.."HEATHER is going up there?!? But anyway.. it really isn't as bad as you think..well actually it was worse than I thought, because I didn't count on getting all emotional!! Anyway...it was fine in the end... It was a lovely remembrance of an amazing lady! I count it a privilege to have been able to serve in honour of her today.
Hope you all have a great night...or day whichever it is when you read this!!
take care...
we didn't see Maude nearly as much as I would have liked in the last year and now am regretting it...so don't forget to take time for the important things in life...People!! Not activities, things or events but *people*.