Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well here it is the 17th of August..and I sit here contemplating the end of summer. two more weeks and the girls are back in school...that makes me sad. I have had such a wonderful summer with them. We've been really busy. We've had lots of friends stop in for a visit, quite a bit of time with both Randal and my family visiting and also have celebrated two or three birthdays. We've also had several cousins come to stay. So all in all, it's been a great summer. But unfortunately time keeps marching on, summer ends school starts, the kids get older, we get older..... :) gee that sounds so melancholy! I guess I just hate to see the freedom and fun of summer end. Our time together has been sweet.
Aaaaah...time to start looking to the new school year and the next step in our lives. Everyone starting a new teachers...little bits of anxiety over how Janelle will do with her new teacher. I'm trying to look toward that part with a positive of not dreading it but of being proactive in her education this year. I tell myself that she will be fine. I hope I'm right!!

We've got some plans forming for this coming year that are of a very different nature. We will spend some time planning and working at it. Then when things are firmed up I'll let you all know what we're up to! Please pray for us that things will work out for us......I know that's pretty vague, but that's as much as I can say right now. Like I said, I'll give you all the details when I can.
Well it's time to get ready for church..well actually it's pretty much time to leave! gotta run! Have a super day!