Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family Get Together

This past weekend we spent with with my brother who came up from the coast.
We went down to a little town a bit south of us and spent the day doing "the tourist thing."
We meet at a beach park and visited there for a while.
My nephew, Zachary, plays football so we brought one along and got a bit of a game going.

Rob and Charlene and their kids Karlin, Meg, and Zach.
The eldest daughter, Alysha, wasn't up this trip.

Foolin' Around

We then went for a walk down to the old train tressel. It's been converted into a bridge that is part of the KVR trail that runs from town through town throughout the Okanagan.

A pond along the way

An Okanagan View

Some of the kids braved the chilly waters... I love Lindsay's facial expression here :-)

Later we visited TickleBerries, a rather famous stop for ice-cream here.
After we braved the long lines we sat outside on picnic tables beside a creek.


I love this picture.

Janelle and Karlin playing in the creek.

And that's all for now!
Have a fabulous rest of the week!


Just Kidding! Did I fool you? I talked like her and from her point of view, but this is Courtenay, hence any mistakes that were most likely made.
Mom let me write her blog today.
Have a nice day! =)