Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I'm just doing a real quick post. I've been really busy and haven't had a chance for the last few days. The turkey dinner went great. I think the aunties all had a good time and enjoyed dinner. We sure enjoyed having them. Of course there was lots leftover so we had turkey and lettuce wraps for lunch yesterday. YUMM!!
I worked yesterday..... yes I know I'm supposed to be a SAHM..?! I have a one day a week job that I finish before the kids get home from school, but I also took a temporary job, merchandising. It is just a day or two a week until the end of April. It's the opportunity to get a little extra chunk of money for a few things we need and also the girls want to go to youth convention and some other youth things. So since I haven't let the older girls go to work yet, I'm going to make that extra bit we'll be needing. I told them that it's just about time now for them to start a little part time job.
Anyway must run... Have to get the girls up and at 'em for the day! You all have a great day!