Friday, April 13, 2007

Do you Know???

Does anyone know if it's possible to make a "youtube" video fit in the sidebar???


You may have noticed my posts for the last little while have been different than the usual blabbering on about what's been going on around here. Well I started a temporary part time job merchandising.
We go into Walmart, Zellers, London Drugs as well as many other drug/grocery stores and "reline" their cosmetic walls. The cosmetic companies hire our company to come in and do their merchandising, which includes taking most (and sometimes all) of the product down off the wall and rehanging it in a new position. We're doing a spring 'reline'. The companies come out with their new colours and products each spring and fall. So we're doing the "spring blitz". They're having trouble getting enough staff, so the days are long. We did a job on Monday that was 15 hours in the store, with a 31/2 hour drive home! That was a really long one but that has been the only one that's been that many hours. I'm amazed at how sore I was on Tuesday after the 15 hour day...going down to say goodnight when I got home at 130 am to my 13 year old was a hard one!! :oP
I talked about this a little bit in an older post called 'busy busy busy'. It is really physical work...
I like the sense of accomplishment though when you finish one of the company's relines and you stand back and have a look at how fresh and pretty it all looks. There are only about 3 weeks or so left before we'll be done.

The kids are home from school today. It's a Pro. development day for their teachers. So it's a day of laundry and general cleaning as I've been working for the last several days and things have fallen into a state of...umm....disorganization and mess!!!
Our 12 yr. old is going on a junior youth retreat this weekend, so we have to get her all set and ready to go for tonight, which includes washing her laundry and packing all her stuff.
Courtenay (13) wants us to start painting the livingroom today....We'll see how that goes. I have to get this laundry done, and also have to go do my card job at a dollar store. take Janelle to the dentist, and then drop Amanda off at the church at 4:30
Well toodloo