Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunshine, Friends, and a Beautiful Lake

This past Saturday my brother picked up his kids and our two oldest and was gone by about 11:30 am. By 12:15 we were over at the river channel dropping off Amanda for her friend, Kate's, birthday party. The party was floating down the canal and then meeting at the beach. Kate's mom, Louise, floated down with them and her husband, Steve, and Randal and I went to the beach to get set up for a wiener roast for later. We had a great time....but it was a little chilly...I think it was only about 70-75 F. We've gotten used to about 90-100F!!! But as much as I don't want it to be... I think it's a signal that summer is nearing it's end...Oh well... I guess that just means that we'll have fun winter activities, such as skiing and playing in the snow to look forward to....BRRR... okay okay... I'm tryin'!!
(Steve and Louise are some new friends that we've recently met and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know!) The Mom's dropping off the girls. Paula, Leona, Heather (me) and Louise.

Is that a look of apprehension on Louise's face....?
Seth showing me that he can see through the bottom of his flip flop!
♫ Happy Birthday ♫ Kate!
Abby enjoying a grape pop...mmmmm
Amelia and Janelle....not sure what they were running from....

Steve, Randal and Louise
Opening presents

Amanda, in red, poking the fire

Steve loading the sausages onto Amanda's stick
Janelle and Amanda