Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Saturday!!!! yahoo!

Well it's Saturday and I made it through a busy week. I worked 5 days this week. That's quite a big change for me. I'm used to working one day a week. Each day that I worked I had a one hour drive and an hour and a half if it was rush hour when I headed home.
Each morning I had to leave before the girls left for school. That was hard for me... I've always been home in the mornings and here when they get home from school.. other than the odd time. They walked to school each morning. Which was a good part of the whole thing. I've been wanting to get them walking to school for a while, but it's too convenient to drive them if I'm here. But they did really well. Everyone survived. Speaking of surviving - On the drive home Thursday, a pickup truck pulled out to pass me on a double solid line when there was oncoming traffic coming at us. I couldn't believe it!!??! I slammed my brakes on and pulled over as far as I could and I think the oncoming car did as well. He went by, between me and the oncoming car!!! Wow! talk about my angels being on guard! I was all weak in the knees and had tears come to my eyes... it scared me so bad. It is a fairly windy road and for the rest of the drive I watched him drive crazy...He was a few cars ahead of me and I saw him pull out to pass on a blind corner, then swerve back into his lane....I was sure wishing I had a cell phone with me! I remembered his license # but didn't write it down. Unfortunately when I got home it was gone. :( I didn't want to be one of those people that calls in a complaint and gives the vehicle description as a 'truck'... and when asked "what kind of truck?" answer with "ummm a black truck" Yeah so I didn't call. So I'm very thankful for God's protection!!
Well this weekend my hubby is driving a tour bus for the Girl Guides down to the Coast. So we'll see him tomorrow night.
Right away here, the girls and I are heading out to Okanagan Falls to see a horse, equipment and tack show. It should be fun! I wish I had my own camera....I'd love to get some pics.... I'll have to add that to my wish list! The one I occasionally use is Randal's work camera.... Maybe I'll start saving up for one. Anyway.. You all have a great weekend - I'm off to a horse show!
ta ta

It wasn't a horse "show" ~ it was an auction. It was something the kids have never seen before. I like for them to experience new things. I'm glad I did it because it was a real eye opener for them... Part way through the auction, Courtenay and I ran out to the store to get something for us all to eat. She said something like "these people are unbelievable." I didn't think there were people like this, for real!?!" I said to her that this was why I wanted her to come... so she could step out of the little box that we live in and see how some of the people around us live and that it's a culture that is right here that she didn't even know existed!
I thought they would really enjoy it and they did. There were a couple of protests at the beginning but it didn't take too long before all eyes were glued to the action on the auction floor! We got there just before noon and didn't leave until 5 o'clock!! We were all happy that we'd gone!