Friday, July 6, 2007

Time for a Change.

I've had the same blog template since I started blogging in February of this year. So I've been playing around by trying out the different templates that blogger offers. There aren't really any that jump out at me and if you can adjust and change and add and subtract- I don't have the computer savvy that Leigh Ann does-haven't figured out how. Mind you----I haven't really put any effort into figuring it out either though. So you will likely see a few changes in template as I play around with them.
I could give some really creative excuses why I haven't been posting for awhile but I won't. Like I've heard some other blog friends say..."I started doing this for fun so don't want to feel guilty when I don't post for awhile". So that's why you haven't seen much of me lately! I don't want the kids looking at my back all summer!!! :o)

Last night we went strawberry picking. Between all of us we picked about 11 or 12 gallon buckets! I think they gave us a good deal on them... I didn't notice 'til after we left but we got over 50 pounds of fruit for $47! Today is when the work starts though! My friend Louise came along and picked berries with us. She's bringing the kids and coming over to "do" strawberries with me today. The plan is to just wash and freeze them. I think it's going to be a good day to be in the house-the forecast is for 33*C (91.4 F) today. It will probably get that hot or hotter in here today though because I took the blinds (livingroom) down awhile back to paint and haven't done the window sills yet so haven't gotten the blinds back up--MISTAKE!! It's Friday today so too late to do it this week. I was just saying to my daughter Courtenay that we HAVE TO finish painting next week and get the blinds back up!!

Have you ever had "swimmers itch"? I have it!!! Grrrr! Actually I have it very mildly. My two younger girls have it bad-especially Amanda. It's rather disgusting actually because it's a parasite from duck poop. The duck poops in the water...parasite leaves the poop goes into snails and then does something there. At this point it leaves them looking for the next host which is normally the duck... but if the human gets between the duck and the parasite... guess who becomes the host?!!?! Eeeeeew! (these photos are off the web, but they tell the story) The thought that there are parasites burrowed into my skin makes me shiver. But they say the body kill them off within a few hours... so I guess it's really not that big a deal. The really big deal though is the itch! I was just reading about it online. It says that you can get nausea and fever.... So THAT'S why Janelle was nauseous and had a fever last night! Actually she just got up a few minutes ago and still has a bit of a fever. Amanda seems to have more spots but hasn't had any symptoms except for severe itching....I see she's gotten a blister of infection on one of the spots...Anyway... to sum it all up-we won't be going back to that beach again! I think we'll just stick with swimming in the pool.

Well I'd better get moving here. I need to run over to Walmart for freezer bags for the strawberries.
Hope you're all having a great summer and are enjoying the nice weather.... Hey Peter I hope summer has found you in Scotland as it has here in BC!!!
I'll probably post the before and after pictures of the pool in the near future.
Have an AWESOME weekend!