Friday, March 16, 2007

A Video!

I found a video for a song that I LOVE on a website that I visited tonight. I'm moving right on up in this world of blogging.. I actually figured out on my own how to get it on my blog... quite an accomplishment for this newbie!! Thanks for asking if I was feeling better... the answer is a resounding 'Yes'! I used to get TONS of severe headaches... I'd say migraines... but have been going to the chiropractor and have had amazing results... next to no headaches...Yay!! They can be debilitating. I'm so thankful to have mostly gotten rid of them... I probably had one from sleeping in a weird position last night and from staying up too late.... hmmm speaking of which I should say good night all.... I guess it will be friday when you read this.... I love fridays it almost makes me giddy thinking about it... and the best part is the kids start spring break tomorrow too! They are so excited! Well so is Mom. :o))
I'm looking forward to tomorrow night for another reason. I'm going out for dinner/evening with a couple of close girlfriends.... they're the best friends I've ever had. They know all your deep dark secrets and keep them that way...! AND they love you anyway!! lol We'll sit and have dinner and just relax, chat, catch up.... I find that times like this I RECHARGE.... we bounce things off each other....share our hearts... talk about our Lord.....we're doing a small group study together so that will also be discussed I'm sure... Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. I'd better get to bed now or I'll be ready to come home by 7:30 tomorrow night!! =o)
Take care and have a wonderful Friday!