Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're adopting!!

For those of you who didn't figure it out from two posts ago...Yes!! We ARE adopting! We're all very excited and can hardly wait until she gets here! Yes we have applied for a baby girl. She should be somewhere between 0 and 6 months least when she is proposed to us. Hopefully this will be a quick journey.
The girls have already been looking up baby names and have started a list. When we've been out shopping we have all been over in the baby section...ooohing and aaaahing over how cute this and that would look on her. We have no idea what she will look like but it doesn't matter..she will be absolutely adorable whatever she looks like!!
Our current youngest is 10 years we are going to have to start over collecting baby furniture and all the incidentals that go along with having a baby in the house. We're excited to get her room ready for her too....that will be fun picking out colours etc.
This reminds me of all the work we have to do around the house before she gets here! Two other bedrooms need to be painted, as well as the entryway, bathroom and hallway! We've also got bits of trim here and there that we somehow missed when we did our last painting project..the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom. We are either going to have to add a bedroom somewhere downstairs or two of the girls are going to have to share a room. That is yet to be decided.
And all of that is just the physical work ....
All we've done as far as paperwork goes is submit our application and retainer. So as any of you know, that have already adopted or are currently doing so, there is a TON of paperwork left still to do! I welcome any comments or insight you can give me if you have already been through this or are currently doing so. I would like to figure out how to find people in my area(or even in my country!) that may be going through the same process. I'm not sure that there will be anyone though(in this area), since our agency is on the other side of the country over 4,000 kilometers away!
Well time to get off here and go get another load of laundry on and get some homemade soup in the pot to simmer for supper.
Have a super great day!
take care