Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is....Spring...?!

This was the view out our front door this morning!! This is April people!!! Not February...but....after saying that I must admit that we had snow last April too! Only it was more like the middle of April last year! aaaaargh

SO..what better way to beat the snow "blues" than to get outside with a hot coffee and a camera and enjoy the great outdoors!! I headed to the lake and went for a walk...breathing in the glorious freshness of a cool winter day. I wish I could bottle up that smell and post it on here so that you could smell what I'm talking about!

Who ever thought that a seagull could be a thing of beauty?

A huge fish that was laying on the beach...that's my footprint next to it for some perspective on it's size! Sorry if this picture makes you nauseous! :P

A bunch of sea gulls. They're funny to watch. I noticed that even sea gulls have personality! There was one little one that kept "complaining" very loudly and then there was the big one that was bossy and had a really deep "voice"....

The moss was about the only thing that has any colour.

Do you see the "peach" in the distance? It's a summertime concession stand. Peaches are the theme for our city, since we are surrounded by orchards.