Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A New Home for the Fish!

Well I've been wanting to get a stand for our fish tank for a long time but didn't think to look at WalMart... come to think of it.... It's probably more like... I didn't think to look!!! Well we were shopping for some fish at WalMart the other day and I noticed the tank stands in a box. So I picked one up. They weren't tooo expensive. I think I payed about $45.00. Courtenay thinks it was more like $30.00.... so I don't really know what I paid!?! Anyway the next morning after dropping the girls off at school, I got it out of the box to put together before they got home. I got busy with something else and before you know it, it was time to go get the girls from school. Then it was time to start supper..... etc..etc... So after supper Dad found his tools and the instructions and went to work on it. I took Janelle out to her violin lesson. When we got back - Voila! It was all put together!! I was glad he did it. I don't mind doing things like that, but some days it's just nice to have someone else do those kind of things. Now our fish have some new friends and a lovely home in the dining room, with space underneath to store all the accessories. It's great to get that stuff all together and out of the way!! Well need to go do some tucking in.
ta ta for now (c:

Spring... where are you.....?

I'm so ready for spring! This morning I looked out the dining room window and got excited about the sun shining on the mountain..... so I went to open the blinds and let the sun into the living room. By the time I got there the sun was gone. :( I'll be SO happy to see some sunshine and colour when spring arrives! Our winter has been extra long this year. We got snow in November that stayed, and it's just melted in the last couple of weeks. Everything is dead and brown and looks so awful!
We do see some signs of spring though. I cleaned the leaves out of a flower bed and was happy to see the heads of the bulbs poking up through the soil!!A promise that spring is coming. I can hardly wait til they flower. I understand why people head south in the first couple months of the year..... we crave the sun!!
Well after having said all that....A few days ago I was walking into Safeway and outside the door they had bulbs, planted in pots, on sale- 2 for $6. I couldn't resist- I bought 2. They are such a pretty burst of colour on the table. That will have to do for now......
After having done all that complaining I have to say that I am just thankful to be alive! God is so good to us! We have two friends laying in the hospital right now--one-a dad with young kids and critically ill with cancer, the other also a dad with young kids-wondering and waiting to see what is wrong. So - yes I say 'Thank you Lord" for my health and that of my family!