Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hello Dames and Doods.
I was thinking, "My mother's blog lacks some up-to-date lingo and pizazz." So I, in my youthful zest, will inform you about what's happening in this household. (p.s.,mom, please don't delete this. You blog buddies might chuckle at the ramblings of my fingers...maybe. Or they will just find me wacky)

So, last weekend my homeslices, youth pastor and mother, Mademoiselle Watt piled into Trooper, and another vehicle and headed to Grand Forks, British Columbia. And man, oh, man, that is a beautiful place. There are alot of steep mountains then it all OPENS up into a wide, flat plateau-type valley with lots of red and orange trees and a tiny little town smack in the centre. When we got there it was pretty much a riot of greatness. I got to meet people, hang out with old buddies, get surprised, play volleyball with inspirational group hugs, exclamations of massacring the v-ball,and sand kicked into my face. I knew about eight of the guys whose bands were playing that weekend, so when they were playing their concerts I got to run their merch tables. and now hear this, that is some fun. Having to dig around for the correct t-shirt size and design and taking peoples denari and putting it into the heavy cash box and marking it down in the record book. THen just sitting back with a rubik's cube and having a blast. Then I got a challenge. Tyler (whom plays the skins for Kiros or comes up and sits down and says, "You know you're never gonna get that." and I said, "Cause of the stickers." and he said "Yep." then left. lots of the stickers on the cube were missing. So, to prove him wrong and get one side a solid colour, I got about 7 reds on one side, and methodically peeled the other red stickers of and switched them around until i had one face of the cube all red. wahoo. so then I said, "Hey, Tyler. "and he looked and I said "Proved you wrong." and he looked amazed for about 1.13 seconds, then said "You peeled the stickers"
so, there's a play by play on one conversation, here's another one
Kerline: SH! be quiet! he'll hear you! you're embarassing me!
me;"Why? because CURTIS MIGHT HEAR ME?"
kerline; (grabs me forcibly by the neck) YOU BE QUIET!"
she was literally chasing some guy around with two other of our youth, so my mother and I were shouting out things such as, "OH! YOU FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH HIM?" and "YOU'RE STILL CHASING HIM?"

I ate smarties with chopsticks for a guy with a video camera. The chopsticks were pretty dang cool. I wanted to steal them. I got about 3 hours of sleep the first night, because me, Carmen and Starr were laughing and exploring too much. and Laceydawn is protective of me.
Laceydawn is my mother/youthpastor.
She didn't want to put a band button into my ear, but when Ryan offered, she was very quick to offer her services of poking something through my ear.
I would love to write more anecdotes, but my ring finger is aching from playing guitar, so I think I'm done typing for now.

check out my buddies' bands

my mother likes all these guys' music, so you might too. specially drew, he's folk/acoustic music.

Hi mom. I'm probably downstairs almost to sleep when you find this, so please do not come downstairs and say, "DO NOT TOUCH MY BLOG" cause that'll wake me up. But if you could, wake me up and about 7:20 so I can have a shower. I have alot of glue in my hair. It feels like my hair got petrified. and remember, we've gotta pick Starr up outside of Maggie right after school.
adios, mes amici.
spanish, french and italian.

Hardy Falls

This summer we went on a little hike up to a water fall. It was a really pretty walk through a narrow canyon. The creek was full of red salmon spawning...some of them were quite rotten and didn't smell too good! It's an amazing and quite fascinating thing to watch!
We went with my brother, Tom and sis in law, Allison and nephew, Silas. When we were at the top Lindsay gave Silas a pear and there was No way he was going to give it up!! He absolutely loved it! It was funny to watch him eat it with such gusto!! =D

Janelle and Silas with his pear.

Lindsay enjoying the falls.
I have a whole bunch more photos that I wanted to post but Blogger won't let me put anymore up! :S
I'll try again later.

Pictures from last weekend

Just wanted to add some photos from where we went last weekend! it was such a pretty place.
There are two rivers that come together...thus the name of the place....Grand Forks..I wish I had taken a camera...these are just some pictures I found online...they really don't do it justice! This place is known as "the land of sunshine and borscht." MMM yummy I love borscht but didn't get out to have some...guess I'll have to go back!

The colours looked like these was so beautiful!!