Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day started off with us all going to church. We finished up and went had a quick lunch and short snooze and then off to the hospital to visit my mil. We spent almost 3 hours there. We sat in the visitors room and visited. We also played a couple games of sequence ( a board game) and did a puzzle. By the time we finished all of that grandma was really ready to go lay down. She had been up in a wheelchair for about 4 hours! She was kinda tired looking by then. I think she enjoyed having the company though. She seems to be coming along slowly but surely. Her leg is healing but not as quick as most people. The diabetes and poor circulation really slow down the healing process for her. They figure she should be able to move over to the rehab ward this week sometime....but that is only as long as her leg has healed up over the end of the stump. So we're waiting on that.

It's almost an hours drive home from the was a nice drive. One of the girls asked Dad to stop along the way somewhere so she could pick some flowers for me for mother's day. We couldn't see any that she could easily get to, so he took a detour off a side road just before we got into town. The girls climbed up the hill aways and picked some "brown eyed susans" least that's what we call them! They're so pretty..such a bright yellow. By the time we got home it was after 8 and we hadn't had dinner. Randal went to the store to get a few things while I had a shower and climbed into bed. The kids were disappointed that they hadn't been able to do anything for me for mother's day. So while I was laying down they told me not to come out til they said. They excitedly called me a little bit later. They had cooperated and put together a really cute dinner! They had appetizers..."general Tao's chicken"
(chips), balsamic potato (chips), and for the main course--little caesars pepperoni pizza and Hawaiian pizza, and a tossed salad with nuts and seeds on top. They also made some homemade lemon/limeade! It was so yummy!! Then they served a dessert--"Goliath Grapes"! They were huge!
The table was all set with fancy linens and candles, flowers and nice glasses. They had Kenny G playing in the background and low lighting. I really enjoyed it. While we finished up eating Lindsay mc'ed a program where they all told a story about their mom....Lindsay was a great mc...she was pretty funny. All in all it was a really nice mother's day treat for me! It was so nice to know that they all cared enough to wanna do something special for mom all on their own! What was especially nice was that they all got along and put it together -together! :D
When they finished their stories they decided that we should all grab a partner and dance to Kenny G!! it was pretty funny since I dance about as graceful as a giraffe! But it was all in fun anyway!! By the time we finished eating and everything else it was well after 10 o" I dropped into bed and was soon fast asleep.
I hope you all had a really great mother's day too!
I'll try to add photos later...if I can figure out where Lindsay put them on this computer!