Friday, April 17, 2009

A stormy, rainy friday afternoon....with Janelle

Today was a day of crazy spring weather.It started off beautiful. I got up this morning and opened the patio was so nice out....I stood out on the deck for a few minutes enjoying the quiet of a 630 am weekday morning. It was 11 degrees out! Yaaay!! Spring is finally here! Our Magnolia tree is finally blooming..I'll have to take a picture of it to's so pretty.
So anyway, I came back inside and within a few minutes it was pouring rain. It continued off and on for several hours then we had a couple of hours of sun....what a treat. I drove the older girls out to youth group at our church, after school. On the way home Janelle and I stopped at a park at the beach.
We played around with the camera while there....taking pictures of each other and a bit of the scenery....
She and I climbed onto a tire swing that swings in circles. see where I'm going with this. Not a good idea at all. Yup...we got on it and we spun...and spun...and spun....not a good plan. I cannot go round and round in circles anymore....I hit 40 this year and this is ONE thing that I'll gladly give up! Anyway...yeah...I was nauseous for about 3 hours!
We left the park just in time. As we headed down the highway home, it started to pour! Reeeaally pour! My wiper blades could hardly keep up! First it rained, and then it hailed. By the time we got home the water was shooting UP out of the storm drain at the end of our street! But one of the joys of living in this area is that our rainstorms are short lived! It was all over with in about 20 minutes or so and a beautiful rainbow graced the eastern sky.

So here are a bunch of silly pictures of us at the beach/park.

I have a couple more pictures and I video that I was going to post but my camera battery died again! It's gotten alot of use lately....guess I'll add them tomorrow. the video and the other two pictures worked we are getting ourselves(okaay MYself) sick on the tire swing!