Sunday, February 25, 2007

The weekend is over already!

Well here it is Sunday.... Lindsay and Courtenay got home from their retreat today. Needless to say they are both asleep and it's only 530!! I have a feeling they didn't do a lot of sleeping over the weekend. I guess they had a great time. They snowboarded Sat. and loved it. I guess it was very foggy and snowed like crazy up at Big White. We had a quiet weekend here.
Amanda ended up needing a costume for the birthday she went to on Saturday, so we ran into WalMart and grabbed some fabric. On the way through Summerland we ran into Gramma's house and very quickly sewed a costume consisting of a blue gown and a red cape. I've never made anything without a pattern before. I sure understand that old saying: "necessity is the mother of invention"! It isn't anything really special but it filled the bill. She seemed to be quite pleased with it. I'll see if I can post a picture of her in it. We came home and had dinner and watched a movie. As usual I fell asleep. Today we were at the church for lunch. The preteen group hosted a potluck and talent show after. It was really nice. We saw quite a variety of talent.
Tomorrow morning I'm starting a new job. It's for a merchandising company out of Quebec. We will be merchandising Shoppers Drug Mart, all across Canada. Of course I will only be doing the Okanagan stores. It pays fairly well and is really flexible. They even pay traveling time and mileage. They contract to other companies. So when they have a job they call me to see if I'm interested. If I want to, then I take it. If it doesn't work out for me this time, I can pass it up and wait for the next job they have. So I'll try it out and see how it goes. Well I guess I should go and get some lunches ready for tomorrow. Here we are off to the start of another busy week!
ta ta for now