Monday, February 19, 2007 for a name........

I don't really like the name of my blog so I'm sitting here trying to think of something better. I came up with it ' jonnie on the spot', so I'm not loving it....Guess I'll have to think about it for a few days. Leave me some ideas!!!!

There's not alot going on here..... had a nice quiet relaxing day at home, doing laundry and a bit of cleaning and tidying up. (YES! I did say relaxing!!) Mom and my niece were here for 6 days and the girls were all home for the week from school. So I really enjoyed the quiet today just puttering around. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy having them here, cuz it was great! We got tons of stuff done around here and found time to fit in some Bocce in the park, bowling and a couple of evenings watching a movie with popcorn and Smarties!! We headed out to a violin recital/concert on Friday evening, but when we got there the place was locked up tight! We were one week early......Oops.....We had a really great week.
Mom worked her buns off most of the time, but I think she enjoyed herself in spite of that!

Courtenay is recovering nicely from her surgery. She has stopped taking all pain meds and is almost finished her penicillin. She had a one week dosage. Thankfully she had no problems with infection or any complications! I was a little nervous before the surgery, but all for naught. I'm not much of a worrier most of the time, but when it comes to my kids that seems to be the time I might tend to worry.
Lindsay wants to colour her hair this weekend. It's quite dark red right now. She want to change it to a different colour of red I think. The red looks quite good on her. Lindsay and Courtenay are going to a youth retreat this weekend though so guess that won't be happening.

Amanda has a birthday party up in Westbank on Saturday, so Randal and Janelle and I will find something fun to do in Westbank or Kelowna for the afternoon. We will have to see if we can find something fun to do that doesn't cost anything..... it's amazing how fast all these things add up!! But I must say the girls are definitely worth it.
Then Janelle has her first violin lesson on Sunday. She is SO excited!
Well must get to bed---morning comes early. =o)