Monday, August 11, 2008

My early birthday party

Randal threw me a party for my big 4-0! It was a busy, fun night! Here are some pictures of the evening.

The other girls are keeping Courtenay company while she ices my cake.

My brother.

Louise and her girls made a photo collage for me. :)

Playing "charades"~Abbey's favourite. :)

Mommy and the baker.

aaah my leeegggs!

My brother and family...came to visit...yaay!

Comic strip pictures of my brother and I on their quick visit to our house yesterday/today.

My sis in law and I

Leaving.... :(

See ya later alligator!

Major hailstorm!

We had a huge hailstorm yesterday! It was unbelievable~as you'll hear me exclaiming in the videos. :D
Only one video downloaded...I'll add the others tomorrow....well, technically it's today since it's almost 1:30 am!

Well here's another day and another video. It finally let me upload them.