Sunday, June 24, 2007

Addendum to the previous post.. scroll down then come back to this one.

Amanda showing her fish to me, while Courtenay looks on.

This was a very exciting time for Amanda.. She caught her first fish ever!! She was really excited and wanted Dad to show them how to 'gut' a fish. So he got down on the ground with them and gutted it. I decided that if we're going to be catching fish then we should be eating them, otherwise it's a waste. So I put the fish into tinfoil with butter and seasoning salt and cooked it over the fire... It was actually pretty good. :) Not too long after eating we got everything together and into the van.
We left about 8 pm. As we're driving along the narrow little bush road, I hear Lindsay behind me asking if she can drive.... She's 15 and has never driven... but I hesitate... while thinking.. then said sure... I guess so... if Dad doesn't mind....So he said he didn't see why not... She COULDN'T believe it!!!! She was SO excited. We let her drive for about an hour... I think it was the highlight of the year for her! She did really well too....Must get it from her mother!! lol...


I'm finally getting at it! So here ya go--

On Father's Day morning we went to church and headed out from there. Our first stop was at A&W for a bucket of chicken for lunch. We ate in the van since we had over an hour to drive before we got to the lake.
When we were almost to where we were going, there was a bit of a creek through the road... we slowed down and had a look at it and decided that it wasn't too deep to go through... with the van!!! I think we really need a 4X4 for these bush excursions! The water was a little deeper than we had expected it to be. It actually came up over the top of the running boards! The girls ooh-ed and aaah-ed about that!
We spent the day fishing and hanging around the fire just enjoying the quiet... well... it wasn't really quiet, there were lots of birds and creatures making lovely noises. It was so peaceful up there.
So here are some pictures from that day. They aren't the greatest quality... I probably didn't have the camera on the right setting... I don't use it often enough... I'm going to have to figure it out!

Janelle being goofy!

The bush that we parked in the middle of - next to the lake.
The sky through the trees.
Janelle fishing.
Lindsay peeking through the bushes.

Lindsay, Goldie and Janelle.... showing off her pepperoni stick.
Lindsay and I on the little 'dock'.
Lindsay found a dragonfly nymph. (we think)

Janelle fishing again.
Dad giving Janelle some pointers on the art of fishing.
Courtenay and Amanda in the canoe.
Shortly after we got there they headed out in search of firewood. This is what they came back with!!!

Lindsay and Janelle hanging out around the fire.

Linday being a goofy nut bar!! :oD
Janelle and Lindsay out in the canoe

I guess I'm going to have to make a second post to get all the pictures in... one of the highlights of the day isn't even on here yet!!

we don't normally dress like the hillbillies that we look like in these pictures...the older girls are wearing some of their Dad's jackets, and grubbies.