Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy week here

Well this week I'm working full time with quite a bit of traveling time on top of my work hours.... not that I'm complaining about that, as I get paid traveling time. It's most likely that I won't be posting anything too much this week... at least until Saturday. That is unless of course one night this week I get more antsy for the computer than I am tired!
I've got lunch for tomorrow in the oven. I made cornish pasties with leftover roast (venison). MMMM good! The kids (well maybe Dad more than the kids) are so excited because Mom rarely gets this creative. Hopefully they turn out nicely.
Well I hope you all have a good week....oh .. yes..I heard the news today of the University shooting in Virginia. That is so sad and so beyond comprehension! We need to be really praying for the families of those that were there. Especially that they will turn to Jesus for comfort and hope. I really hope that the Christian community there steps up to the plate and gets involved.
Well take care and God bless you all this week.
give your loved ones an extra squeeze!
We got started on painting the livingroom. We did one coat...phew.. what a job... our ceilings are vaulted, so I needed a tall helper..... good thing the girls are tall! (Dad too). We got one coat done and need to do one more. It will have to wait for the weekend.... I really love the colour. It's called bluffs. Descriptive hey! Doesn't that just give you a word picture!!?! Ummm no.... Just kidding.....It's about the colour of our clay bluffs around here's a warm sort of golden sand colour... I'm using black iron for accents along with red pillows and a painting for some interest..... Not your cup of tea hey Candy!! It's a big change from the pale pink that it used to be. Well... I'm off!