Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our busy weekend

Well we started off our weekend with Lindsay and Courtenay going to youth in Summerland. Amanda tried to get together with a friend for Friday evening and that didn't work- so she was very disappointed. We decided to go out to the Pasta Factory for dinner. Dinner was very good but Amanda sat there looking all mopey. I tried all the angles.... threats of life and limb..... teasing in fun..... being goofy.... then thought to try a little game that is a family favourite. We emptied out the little basket the bread comes in. Then we took a little piece of paper and each put a word on ours. Then you throw them all in the basket and someone fishes them out and reads them out and we try to guess who did what. Well before you know it she's forgotten all about the "friend failure" and having a great time! So we finished up and headed home. We made a detour to Safeway for an extra special, extremely rare treat in our household. Ice cream!!! We also picked up all the trimmings for banana splits! YUM! Randal headed to the video store and picked up a couple of movies and we headed home. We had a wonderful evening of banana splits in front of a real good movie. My favourite part about the whole evening was the time we had in the living room doing some of our favourite things.... t.v. together with yummy food!! Oh dear... not a great favourite pastime!! Oh well good thing it's a rare happening!

Saturday Courtenay Amanda and I headed over to the new school site. We spent a couple of hours cleaning up the construction debris. i.e: coffee cups and pop cans.... well there was the occasional piece of lumber and metal!! (Have a look at the new school building!)
Janelle went to a friends' while we did this and Randal picked up a bus.
We picked up Janelle, went to Wal mart for a gift and drove her out to Heritage Hills for a birthday party from 4-8 pm. We headed home and watched 'The Shaggy Dog'. It was great for a laugh. Nice clean fun. Hard to find sometimes in a movie!
Today is Sunday and soon I'll go call everyone for Church. Randal headed out about eight this am on a bus trip up to Kamloops. He's driving a minor hockey team. So he'll be gone until at LEAST ten tonight. So he'll be tired come Monday morning. But he does love driving these buses! Boys and their toys...LOL. Today Courtenay is getting together with some kids from school to work on a French project... she is oh SO excited!! ;) Amanda has junior youth at the church in Summerland from two until four. So the other two girls and I will spend the afternoon at home getting ready for school on Monday.... probably do some lunch shopping and get some laundry done. So there you have it a weekend in the life of the Kohlhausers!

Okay Newbie here!!

Well I thought I might as well jump in and join the millions of people chronicling their lives in cyberspace! I don't know how frequent or interesting this will be but I guess we'll have a go at it and see what happens with it!