Friday, November 28, 2008

that warm fuzzy fleece blanket

I've been wanting to make some knotted fleece blankets for my kids for Christmas. Do they need them? Well...not really..But I thought they would make a wonderful snuggly gift for them...that would last for years! "A special memory of something that Mom made for me when I was a kid..."
Well..there's nothing wrong with any of this really...but then this morning I read this:

December Project!

As you know, a major earthquake hit the Sichuan Province in China in May. This earthquake killed over 50,000 people and left man more homeless. Save the Children says that, “3 million infants, children and teens have been among the worst affected”. This was a disaster of immense porportions. School buildings, orphanages and small village towns were completely destroyed along with hospitals and office buildings.

As you can imagine, recovering from a disaster that destroys EVERYTHING you own is not easy. However, if you are living at or below the poverty level. . .it becomes nearly impossible. Today, many children and families remain homeless. Many others are lfet without basic necessities. And. . .it’s getting colder by the day. Winter is fast approaching with overnight temps already at freezing. Children remain without blankets.
Doesn’t that just break your hearts? As you tuck your children into bed covered up with multiple blankets in a home that has heat, can you remember these children? Would you like to do something?

Our KidsLake’s project for the rest of this year is. . .


For $10, you can provide a warm blanket for a child that needs it!
Not only can you meet a need for a precious one, but you can teach your precious ones in the process! Use this opportunity when you put your children to bed and snuggle them up, to teach them about children who do not have what they do. Teach them to pray for the children who are cold that night. Teach them to be thankful for the blankets they have. . especially during this season! Then, help them to do something!

  • Allow them to ask for a blanket for Christmas and forgo a toy in favor of supplying a child with a blankie!
  • Have a hot chocolate stand in your neighborhood to raise money!
  • Have them do chores to earn money. . .possibly making beds!
  • Forgo a fast food lunch or dinner and have pb&j at home and donate the money

Whatever you do, get creative and involve your kiddos. Help them expand their vision of our world by teaching them about the children of China. Help them be a part of the solutions!

Blankets for China!
PS: We’ll have a paypal button on the kidslake site soon! The organization we are working with would love to receive donations as your kids earn them (instead of waiting until the end of the month) this way, they can buy blankets as it gets cold! Feel free to blog about this too. . let’s spread the word!

I copied this from Red Letters Campaign blog....go take a look at the good things they're doing! Maybe YOU can help a shivering little one be able to snuggle up in a warm blankie tonight. Tucking my kids into bed tonight won't be the same. :-\