Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day.

Well we didn't do anything special for St. Pat's, unlike a LOT of you do! Friends called us at about 11:30 this morning to see if my hubby and I wanted to meet them for breakfast. They were sitting in the restaurant and gave us a call. We did and we had a fabulous time of eating and just enjoying spending time together with some awesome friends. We were having such a nice time that we lost track of time and overstayed. Our youngest daughter had a birthday party to be at, at the time we left the restaurant. She was supposed to go dressed as a princess and she has grown so much recently that we had to go find something for her to wear. We found one of the nicest dresses at Walmart. It's pink with some lovely draping and we also found some lovely white sandals to wear with it. Her whole demeanor changed when she put the outfit on (complete with crown). She became a princess! She looked so sweet! The camera battery was dead today so will have to take a picture of her in it tomorrow -as she has hung it in her closet, ready to wear to church tomorrow. We dropped her off at the party and then repeated the same process with her older sister!
Other than that, we've spent the rest of the day at home... very enjoyable! We love being at home! To top it off Dad made supper tonight. He made Greek salad.... family favourite.... home made hamburger patties, and brown rice. YAAAY!!! It was great.... I love it when Dad cooks. He only does it about once a month or so... but I really enjoy it when he does. When the girls were little he did it alot more. (I had 3 babies in 35 months!)He saw that I wasn't in very good shape and he really picked up the slack. I am so thankful, because alot of men wouldn't do it and would just be angry and resentful. I am blessed. As the girls have gotten older I have gotten better and have been able to pretty much do most things around the house so he has just ever so gradually stopped doing those things(he is still very helpful around here though)Which is totally fine with me... I'd really rather be doing them myself anyway... as I see that as my 'job', since I am a SAHM.
Anyway......this is a definite ramble...but that's what I enjoy........I find this blogging therapeutic most of the time, because I just start typing and whatever comes is what I write. (C:

Well happy weekend friends and thanks for stopping by... wish I could serve you tea and biscuits!