Sunday, March 18, 2007

YAAAY!!! I'm a Winner!!

I'm the lucky winner of the draw for a pretty Easter card from Candy at
Right along with everyone else that put their name in for the draw.(C: Here's a picture of a couple of the cards she's sending out... I got this off her blog.I thought it was cute that Candy decided to give everyone a card! So nice.... she decided she couldn't just send out a couple of cards How sweet.... thanks Candy!!

Hi Amy!!

Hey Amy... How ya doin? This post is just for you! I found this picture on a blog somewhere in my travels through blogland and saved it...It made me think of you... (C:
not saying that you write about nothing-ness!! (that's me the rambler!!)

Sunday musings.......

Well here we are...Sunday.... a restful day at home...This morning our worship leader from our church called at five to nine to see if I was going to make it out to sing in church today.... uh oh! I had no idea I was on the schedule! I got ready in record time. Practice is at 930 and we have a 15 minute drive to get there.... Well needless to say I flew around here getting myself ready to go. I caught a ride in with a friend also on the team and hubby stayed home and got the 4 girls up and out the door by himself! He actually didn't do too badly! They all had their hair brushed and were wearing matching clothes!
It turned out to be a wonderful time of worship today. I enjoyed it so much. I haven't been doing it very much for the last little while..sorta hibernating at home.... well still going to church but not really getting into it.... and not singing on the team. Well every time I do this and then get back singing... I wonder why I ever do that. There is nothing like praise to lift you! I know we're not supposed to do it for our benefit, but boy it sure does benefit us! Amazing how that works!
I went out on Friday night with my girlfriends.... it turned out to be a fun time. We ordered this was so ummmm... strange! It was microscopically (literally!)thin slices of meat (it looked raw!) on a plate with a dab of salad in the middle... We were kinda grossed out but thought since this was a $9 plate we'd better at least try it! It was nasty! The meat was kinda gooey... pasty.... icky! I don't remember what it was called, but something none of us will EVER order again in our entire life times! We had a great time though... and the rest of the food was great! We went shopping at Winners for a little bit after we finished supper. Just some browsing no buying for me. I have to LOVE something now to buy it.... new thing for me! I hate to waste money on something I'll not like in a month's time. It also cuts down on the clutter! One treasure that I found recently, is this painting... (The flash reflected on it so it is a bit distorted) Not sure what you call the style.....? Maybe contemporary abstract...? I don't know... but anyway..When I saw it, I knew this was it! I've been trying to find something to build our decor around.... starting with a clean slate... We bought a new home last summer and it needs paint. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted... I've started keeping track of those things that really catch my eye. I find that really helps with figuring out what my style is!? I love earthy colours...peaceful greens, taupes, browns, reds.... I got an interior designer to come in and help me with a colour palette for the house. What a great use of $60! She was here for about an hour and really was helpful. She made up a colour board for me that I can keep in my purse with me. That way if I come across something that I like I check that it goes with the colour scheme we've put together. I also went out and picked up some paint to start painting. Hmmm maybe I'll make that a spring break project! Our interior is all a pale/medium pink. Hey Candy- You'd probably love it!! My kids right off the bat said "Mom, we have to take these ugly flowery curtains down!!" Well... it didn't happen right away, but it's the only thing we've done to change anything so far.....
Anyway, I should go and get something for our late supper/bedtime snack! You all have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
(C: Heather