Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family trip to Bears Fruit Stand.

This weekend we took a drive down to a fruit stand to see their harvest display and just have a look around. It was a nice drive. The kids goofed off at the fruit stand and we took lots of pictures. Amanda hates having her picture taken so there aren't many of her....mostly just the ones that I made her sit for...and you can tell!!! There are a whole ton of pictures on this post...when I post pictures I really go for it!!Can you see the bear peeking over the hilltop??? Isn't it cute? It's an ad for the Bear Fruitstand.Amanda being silly when I was trying to get some nice pictures of them.
All of us together trying to balance on that pile of pumpkins!!
goofy Lindsay
Courtenay peeking through the corn.
No.....they're not for sale!!
more girls posing for Mom.
This is one of Lindsay "roaring" through the fruitstand on an ancient tractor.

It was such a pretty, colourful display of the summer's bounty!

Lindsay posing for Mom. :D

Little Miss Sunshine trying out the tractor.
Janelle balancing on a leaning stack of hay bales.

Candy!! This one's for you! Here are some WHITE pumpkins!! Maybe you can find them in
your area! :D

After the fruit stand we went for a drive in the area...it's really pretty but it was an overcast day, so the pictures didn't turn out that great.
They call this K Mountain...can you see why??