Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sitting Here Thinking about all the Work I Have to Get Done!!!

Today is July 17....That means it's 8 days until my company starts arriving!!! My 88 yr. old Grandma- whom you all prayed for-is coming on the 25th of July. She is doing really well. (Thank you for praying!) A few months back we weren't sure that she was gonna make it after a fall where she broke her hip. She now has to use a walker but that's not all that bad, after all, she IS 88 years old!! My brother, his fiance and their 4 kids arrive on the night of the 31st. They drop the kids off and come back on the night of the 3rd, then stay for the long weekend. Then after the weekend, another brother and his family stop in on their way home and drop off a daughter who'll stay for awhile. Then somewhere in there, my Mom and possibly Dad are coming for awhile..I'm never sure how long they'll stay. We're all so excited to be getting company!! My brother is renting a big ski boat while they are here, so I should have some water skiing pictures to put up the first or second week of August. :))
BUT.... NOW the work begins!
-I need to go through everyone's clothes and get rid of all the too small stuff.
-Finish painting livingroom and get blinds back up.
-paint kitchen.
-sort out boxes and junk in downstairs family room so cousins have somewhere to sleep!
-get carpets cleaned.
-sweep and wash deck. wash white railing.
-finish sanding wood pool deck.
-stain pool deck.
-clean carport and take trip to the dump.
I'm sure I could go on but I'm getting depressed just looking at these!!! :D Well not really but.. yeah.. it's alot!
So today... I think I'll start with sorting the clothes. Well I see that it's getting late... time to go call the girls and get everyone moving! Hope you're all having a good week.