Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Baby Girl is 17!!

Wow how could she be 17 already?? I can't believe how fast the time has doesn't seem that long ago when I was in the hospital having Lindsay. She was a good, easy delivery. The labour was relative terms-4 hours! Amazing for a first baby. When the nurses were cleaning her up in the delivery room, I remember sitting on my bed, saying.."wow, that really wasn't all that bad!!"They laughed at me. :) I was SO excited that she was a girl....for many reasons...I remember looking at her am I going to name this poor child....I had no idea and felt the responsibility very heavily...yeah...I know..most people stress at this point about the idea of raising this little child through to adulthood. Not me...I worried about what I was going to name her. It seemed like such a really huge, monstrous deal! It took 2 weeks, if you can imagine that! The name we finally chose, I picked as a tribute to my Dad's mom. It was her maiden name.

Jump ahead to the present: Lindsay is a joy and a delight in our home! She fills it with humour and lots of creative artwork. I tell her that she should be an illustrator of children's books. She works hard in school and gets awesome grades...but ya know what...we'd love her whether she did or not! Anyway...
Have an awesome birthday Linds!! I love you sweetheart!!
love Mom


Apple blossoms...I found myself walking through an apple orchard yesterday...stopping to admire the beautiful apple beauty..too bad I don't have my camera.....then to my delight, I realized that I had it in my purse! So out it came...and I was snap happy for awhile...after a while of picture taking....I came across these lovely little crearures:

I love bees, and find them fascinating! So I paused in front of their hives to watch them...They were awfully busy and apparently didn't like me butting into their busy-ness! They started dive bombing me! One hit my face, then another hit my ear..then into my! I haven't run that fast in a long time....and what a sight it must have been to behold--arms flailing...legs flying...yeah...Anyway..hope you're all enjoying some signs of spring! Those poor honey bees this morning..I think they will all be having an inside day today. It's cold and rainy out this morning...way colder than normal for the middle of May.
Happy Thursday!