Friday, March 30, 2007

About Me

1. First Name: Heather
2. Middle Name: Gayle
3. Name you go by: Heather
4. Name(s) your parents call(ed) you: Heather
5. Other nicknames (past and present): Hez, Feather, Heath
6. What did you call yourself when you were little? me
7. Were your parents considering any other names (that you know of) before they settled on yours? I don't think so
8. What does your name mean? My parents gave me a gold bracelet when I was sixteen with my name engraved on the front and the meaning on the back. It said: A flower that blooms in rocky places.... considering I grew up with 5 brothers... that's a pretty rocky
9. Do any famous people share your name? Heather Locklear
10. Can you pronounce your name backwards? rehtaeh
11. Favorite girls' names: ooooooh that's a hard one! I have 4 girls and it took us Forever to name them!!
12. Favorite boys' names: hmmm well we had picked out Daniel Trenton if we'd ever had a boy.... does that count?
13. Favorite name you've ever read in a book: mmmmm haven't read in awhile....
14. Favorite name from a TV show: Oh boy... I'm just striking out on this thing!--I don't watch t.v. shows...
15. Favorite name for a dog/cat: Goldie is our golden retriever/lab cross.... she's a wonderful dog.

I should maybe have picked a different meme..... this one doesn't reveal much about me other than my name. I stole it from Leigh Ann(Momma Roar). (C;
Have a great day!!