Saturday, February 17, 2007

This Week.........

Well we started the week off with Mom and Chelsea arriving Monday. We had our Valentines dinner together. Chelsea introduced us to a new type of spinach salad. The dressing has equal amounts of vanilla yogurt and mayo, with a small spoon of poppy seeds. The salad itself is spinach and a chopped up orange. It is SO good. I think it's our new favourite salad for awhile!! Then we finished dinner off with locally handmade fine Belgian Chocolates! YUM!! Tuesday we all went up to Kelowna. Courtenay had her oral surgery and all went well. She was in a lot of pain for 3-4 days, especially because of the cutting of the bone in the roof of her mouth. I'm sure the stitches in the other areas of her mouth didn't help with that either! The T-3s were definitely needed. She has had a fairly quiet week at home with her cousin, Nana and sisters. They all spent a fair bit of time on their school work and got lots done, so their teachers should all be happy with them. :) Nana helped Janelle get her room and clothes sorted out and re-arranged. It looks awesome!
Janelle got her new violin in Kelowna on Tuesday. She is so excited to have it and has been spending the week playing on it and finding out what kind of wonderful noises---oops! I mean sounds that it makes. She'll be starting lessons pretty quick.
Well we're about to eat our pancake breakfast then figure out something fun today since this is Nana and Chelsea's last day here until the next time they come and we've spent the week in the house doing work things....sooooo
Have a great weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get on here a little more often.