Monday, March 12, 2007

Please Leave A Comment

Hi there
Welcome to my blog! I've noticed that, after looking at my site meter, alot of you are stopping by to read, but aren't leaving a comment. If you're not sure how to do it, here's how: At the bottom of the post you'll see the word 'comment'. Just click on it and start typing in the box that comes up. You can click around the site.... you can't hurt anything..
When you're done typing you need to type in the warbly letters. This is there to control spam on my blog. Then just select 'other' and type your name in the box. Then select 'publish your comment'.
Well take care and thanks for stopping by (and commenting!! ;O})
It's nice to know that you're keeping up on what's happening with our family.

Yay!!!! The Ice Is Gone!!!

Apparently we're not the only ones who are glad to see the ice finally melt. We had about a foot of ice on the pool this winter and it didn't all melt off until about the 6th of March! That's late for here. The other morning I woke up and came out to the kitchen. My hubby was busy making coffee and all of a sudden he called out to me in the dining room; "hey look we've got ducks on the pond!" I had a "laugh out loud" moment because we have an in-ground pool and we've been watching the Beverly Hillbillies lately and they call their pool the see-ment pond. So the ducks were pretty to look at and it was a nice way to get the girls up and out of bed to look at the ducks. Courtenay grabbed the camera and quietly snuck out to snap a few here they are, they're kinda dark but hopefully you can see how pretty they are. Enjoy.
You can probably see the leaves in the pool... now that the ice is gone we have to get out there and get it cleaned out and start working on getting it all ready for the summer season. Hope you're having a good day.