Monday, October 22, 2007

The weekend

Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a great weekend! I did!! I went on a youth retreat with my two oldest girl's youth group. It was about 21/2 hours away from here. We left Friday afternoon and got home at about supper time on Sunday. It was such a pretty place to go to...not that we spent our time looking at the pretty scenery! It was an action packed weekend of Christian bands, speakers, hubs (workshops), and lots of other fun stuff! The kids were sad to come home...they just wanted the fun to keep on and on and on.....
At one point 3 of the other ladies that went and I snuck away for an afternoon cup of tea and pie at a little restaurant in town...It was sooo nice. We just spent some time visiting and enjoying some quiet time to connect.
Randal spent the weekend at home with the two younger girls....not that they were home at all over the weekend!! But they had a great time with the hubby of the other mom that went with well as with their kids....apparently they ate lots of yummy food and drank lotsa pop while Mommy was away!! The stuff that doesn't happen too often if Mommy's home!! =)
What did you do this weekend?