Monday, March 30, 2009

More Spring Break

Well here are a few pictures of us while out on the backroads around here.

The first set of pictures where the horses are behind a fence, are taken at a corral we stopped at. The kids petted the horses and their foals. They enjoyed it alot...the foals were really tame and loved to be scratched. The one tried to nibble on our clothes a few times.

It looks like there was a conversation happening here. =)

After seeing the tame horses we got back in and started driving. After a short drive we came across a bunch of wild horses. There is a pretty big herd of them here.

Can you see the horses up ahead?

We thought they were so pretty!

This guy was showing off his teeth to us. :)

This one had blue eyes! Beautiful but kinda creeepy. [:-S

It has been a really hard winter. The snow came early and stayed almost all the horses are super skinny! :(

This one was too weak to fend off the coyotes.

And this coyote apparently became lunch for someone else. :P yuck!

I let the kids drive...again!

Back to School.

Today the kids went back to school. I hate sending them back. I miss them a ton! We've been so busy over spring break. we've been out just about every single day of the break, doing fun things together. It's been a blast. I will add some pictures of our time together...may even do it today...we'll see....but in the I am--kinda lonely and trying to make myself do the things that need to be done, rather than wanting to be out gallivanting with the kids still!

Me: missing my kids!! {:)) (my playmates! haaahaaa)