Thursday, August 16, 2007

♫ ♫Happy Birthday to♫ Me...Happy ♫Birthday to Me.......♫

In amongst all the kids and company, I had a birthday. The kids and Nana made a dinner for me the night before and then the night of, we went out to dinner with some friends. I had a very nice birthday.
I had mentioned one time to my friend, Louise, that I really wanted a camera and that I had told Randal that for all my occasions for the next year, that a camera was all I wanted...Well Louise remembered this and for my birthday she gave me this cute little cow with the beginnings of a camera fund!! I felt kinda dumb that I'd said it to her, but it had been in innocence...just a conversation about how I'd like to get a camera. She's so thoughtful.

"OOOOOOHHH...I remember that conversation....."

The Cow containing the "camera fund".

Out for dinner with friends, Steve and Louise. We had a great dinner out at the Pasta Factory!! As Steve would say..."mmmm mm mmmm mmm mmmm"! :)) It was strange being away...I felt like I needed to get home because Mom and Grandma were home with 16 kids! But I did enjoy it.
One of the four or five cakes that the girls made for me. They had lots of fun baking and decorating them!
This is my Grandma that you all prayed for this spring. She has healed up amazingly! She looks really tired in this picture because she'd just spent the day in the house with 8 kids then the evening with 16!! It was so nice to have her here!! I didn't have great grandparents growing up, so our kids are really blessed to be able to enjoy having her around!

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