Thursday, May 22, 2008

My little baker

Our daughter Courtenay has been decorating cakes for the last couple of years, for most of the birthdays in our home...and even some outside of our family! Here are a few pics of some of her most recent cakes!

Janelle's 10th birthday.

The butterfly and the guitar are both made using rolled
fondant. She rolls it out on the counter then picks it up
and lays it over the cake. It reminds me of pastry, which
I don't enjoy making pastry at all! It always breaks apart
on me.

Butterfly cake for Janelle's birthday. We celebrated it with some good friends that live nearby...but not near enough! (These 3 have decided that the parents of the younger two, should buy the house 2 doors over from us that's for sale!) Louise threw together some impromptu birthday was great...She made it special for Janelle...and I think her kiddos had fun too. :)

Lindsay turned 16!! Wow!! How can this be??? I'm so much toooo young to have a 16 year old!! ;o)

♫♫Happy ♫Birthday to you....♫

Lindsay playing her "guitar".
Court made her a guitar cake because
Lindsay has and plays guitar.
"OOPS! Those strings are sliiiding off!"

Grandma had a big birthday this year....mind were Janelle and Lindsay's...10 and 16......and mine is the big 4-0! Randal's was a big one too....and Amanda became an official teenager! woo hoo...3 teens in the house now. 3 down one to go! :os The only one who doesn't have a big birthday...(number wise) is Court.

I love the bright colours and the contrast created with them.
The flowers are made from Royal Frosting. She made them ahead of time and let them harden and dry out. She then placed them on the cake. What awesome cakes!! I'll post some more later on.