Thursday, March 8, 2007

Do you have a Favourite Online Devotion?

Hi Everyone- can you help me out. I'm looking for an online devotion that comes to my inbox each day. Do you have one that you absolutely love? If so let me know. I'm looking for one and thought what better than to get the input of my fellow bloggers......? maybe this will entice the reader/non-comment leaver to leave a comment!! ;0) Thanks and looking forward to your replies.


I've been playing around with Randal's work camera.... trying to take some nice pictures... I can now appreciate why someone would want a 'good' camera. And the thing about lighting.... Wow! amazing once you start playing around with it. I'll find some of the pics I've been taking and post them... there really isn't much to look at, but it could be a fun hobby to get into. I would love to get a good camera.... but they are very $$$$! I'll have to keep my eye out for a nice one.. maybe I can find a good one on sale for a really good price....well gotta run do the dishes before I have to get the girls from school. I am so ready for the weekend! Only one more day! I really enjoy Friday nights. The older girls go to youth and we usually do something fun and relaxing at home with Dad... He does alot of bus driving on the side but is usually here for Friday nights...Anyway can't procrastinate any further... must get busy!
ta ta for now.

The Cutest 'Almost One year Old' There Is!!

Here is a picture of my youngest nephew, Silas. Isn't he sweet?!!?He's having a look at the work of some beavers down by the river.....He looks really
interested in that chewed up tree!!He's going to be
a year old in about 2 weeks!! I can hardly believe it. The time flies by so fast. Especially when they live
aways from us and we don't see them often. His Mommy was just telling me that he is just over the average for a one year old, three times his birth weight. And he's so strong he can pick up the end of his playpen and give it the old 'heave ho'!! Wow! He's going to give Joe Weider a run for his money!! lol...

The next pictures are of Silas and his
Dad (my youngest brother). (Mom must be the one taking
pictures.) (c: They're watching the action down on the river.It looks like something has certainly caught Silas' attention! I guess little boys (and big ones too!!) like boats and that kind of thing!