Friday, November 2, 2007

Charts and Rewards~Ideas anyone??

Okay well here we go...the second post in as many days!! Wow....shocking, I know!
Well today was just another average day. Janelle and I did school for the morning which we ended off by baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. She loves baking. When we finished that, we headed over to Tim Horton's. I treated her to a hot chocolate. This is a huge deal to her, as it isn't something that I do often...I think maybe 4 times total for her! She was so excited. I talked to her about doing this weekly as a reward for completing a certain number of tasks. Of course she thought this was a great idea!! So I'm going to put together a reward system of checks for certain tasks completed. When she gets so many checks than she can cash it in for a trip to Tim Horton's with Mommy...or Walmart with a few dollars for some sort of reward. I'm thinking that this is probably the best way to motivate this child. I was trying to find something that was really important to her. I racked my brain and couldn't really think of anything that she REALLY likes to do or have, etc.. Then I realized her favourite thing to do is spend time with me(swelled head I know!)and even that much more so if we're going somewhere fun, or if it involves hot chocolate or shopping. So now I need to do a chart of some sort for her. IDEAS anyone???? I'm not very good with charts...I like them but I really have to work at it to keep up with them! So hopefully we can stick with this chart this time. If you know of a good chore/routine chart, please let me know! Thanks :)Have a super weekend! ~Heather