Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As you may be able to tell by looking through my blog...I love photographing nature! I have posted a ton of photos on my FB account. In a recent conversation with a friend he strongly suggested that I publish a coffee table book of my photos. He gave me the name of a company that will self publish them for me for a very reasonable amount of money. Sooo...I am contemplating this.
It means that I'd need to get a higher quality camera...but we'll see how it goes..
I will have to check into the details and see if it's something that I can swing. Well thanks for stopping by.
I was trying to add some of my latest pics on here and my camera died after one download...and it really wasn't even one of the ones that I was wanting to put on..oh well..will add the other ones later. (this is one that Janelle took of me the other day at the park.)

I'm not sure why I had such a goofy look on my face...maybe because Janelle and Seth were taking lotsa pics...who knows...anyway...I've just uploaded the pictures that I was trying to upload yesterday when the camera battery died.