Wednesday, May 23, 2007

crochet project

My daughter Lindsay needed some shoes so last night her and Courtenay and I headed over to Walmart to get some for her. She picked out some kinda golden/bronze coloured runners.

While we were there I decided to pick up some wool and a pattern for a poncho for Janelle. I enjoy having something to sit and do to relax, since I don't watch t.v. I'll post some pics of the wool so you can see the pretty colours. I can hardly wait to get started!! Gotta run get at some paperwork and supervise some homework for Janelle. Then I can get my new wool out and get started....yippee!
Take care

Want to make a SUPER EASY supper??

Hi there Friends! How are things with you all? We're busy here as per usual. It MUST be the time of year!! I had a winter of being very.. ummmm .. how do you say un-busy..??? lol Not a lot going on anyway! Yesterday I did yardwork again and came home with a new recipe from a friend. I decided to try it out on everyone... It was yummy. I think I didn't quite cook it long enough though... it was a little wet in the middle. I should have baked it until a knife inserted in centre came out clean... oh well, it still tasted yummy! One yummy sounding variation is to put tomato slices on top and sprinkle cheese over it. We didn't have any cottage cheese so I added feta cheese and that was good. You can use your imagination and add whatever you think would be good... it's more like a pizza flavour than a burger. Well hope you try it out... it's a 5 minute preparation meal if you have cooked ground beef stored in your freezer!
This is a link to an e-cookbook. It's free recipes that look super easy and really yummy. She's also got some good ideas on what to serve with what.
See what you think and I hope you all have an awesome week.
tata for now


1/2c cottage cheese

1 lb. ground beef-cooked

1c mozza shredded

1/2ts salt

1/2ts oregano

6oz tom paste

Spread cottage cheese over
bottom of pie plate

Mix remaining ingred., spread over cottage cheese

1c milk

2 eggs

1/2c bisquick

Mix together, pour over above


37 min

pie plate