Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank You!

I want to thank you all for praying for Grandma!! She is doing much better... It looked like we were gonna lose her that first night but thanks to all of the prayers that were sent up on her behalf, she has turned around and is doing well. They had her up and out of bed right away.... I think it was the day after her surgery! Amazing!!! God is so good! So please remember to keep her in your prayers as she isn't 'out of the woods' yet, as they say.
Hope you all have a really great weekend...I heard tonight that we're supposed to have snow on Monday....groooaannn.....we haven't had any in a few weeks or so. It would be really nice to see it just leave us alone for awhile! :o) Hey I made a wonderful discovery today....There are some trees covered in pretty white blossoms here!!! Yayyy..... I don't know why I'm so desperate for spring this year..?? Guess I'm just tired of the grey skies...Well you all take care and once again THank YOu for your prayers... please continue to pray for Grandma (Margeurite).

A Painting Day.

I got a call from a friend this morning.... She had some painting questions..... I helped her paint her daughters room about 6 years ago...Well her hubby was starting to paint their daughters room and there are some built in shelves and cupboards. Yesterday while she was out he got the paint out and started to paint....Well between him and their 9 year old girl, they decided to sponge paint. ;o) My girlfriend started to have a bit of a panic when she saw it and thought uh oh.... maybe I'll call Heather to see if she can help him.... Well when I got there the sponging was painted over in the base coat. I guess when he finished with the sponging he decided he didn't really like it either. What we ended up doing was "smooshing". Here's a sample of what it looks like..... this isn't the painting that we did though, but the colours are very close to what we used!You paint the base coat, then put a slightly lighter or darker colour mixed with glaze over top.
As you paint your way around the room, you put plastic over top and "smoosh" the paint around. Then you peel the plastic off and "Voila"! There you have it-a beautiful textured wall. This is a great technique for an imperfect wall, it hides many problems!
Well I just got a lovely surprise at my front door!! This same friend just stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of daffodils and red tulips, as well as a manicure gift certificate, to say 'thank you' for the help this morning. She's a very thoughtful friend! Well must go. I have a to do list for the rest of the day
-sweep kitchen floor
-pick up groceries for tonights potluck dinner with friends.
-prepare the food(veggie tray)
-pick up flowers for Grandma for sitting with kids tonight and earlier this week.
Have an awesome weekend!!

Do you like Victorian?

I came across this site while wandering the trails of cyberspace. These people are restoring a Victorian era home. It is incredibly amazing!!! It isn't exactly my style of home but it is very beautiful. It's unbelievable what can be done to a wreck of a house!! Have a look and come back and tell me what you think!!