Sunday, November 2, 2008


Wow!! here it is 2 months since I last posted...oh dear...I didn't plan on letting things fall so far behind. I guess you could say that I've been busy!! I've been doing a bit of volunteer work at the girls school...which includes driving for local activities, as well as day trips. Helping the student council get their school coffee shop up and running...and a few other things. One other thing I did was prepare a hot lunch for the teachers. It was something I did to honour them. They have our children under their care for almost as long as we have them in a day. Sooo I made hot beef on a bun with au jus on the side, caesar salad, veggie tray with dip, ice tea with sliced lemons and chocolate iced brownies for dessert! They loved it. I also set the table in their staff room with a nice tablecloth and some pretty napkins and name cards. I also made a big sign for the wall that said "we appreciate YOU!" They all very very blessed...that's what I was aiming for so I guess it was a success. They've all blessed us so much in the past that I just wanted to pass it back to them for a change. :)
Our church just had a 60th anniversary this past weekend. It was really busy for me! I was in charge of getting the place decorated. I had my girlfriend help me out with it~she's amazing! I told everyone that she was the brains in the operation and I was the brawn! haha.. She came up with alot of the ideas and I did alot of the footwork...which is hard for her as she has arthritic knees. We had a ton of fun working together. We used to do this together in years past but it's been quite awhile.
Two girlfriends and I got together last weekend and made 96 meals! We made meals for the freezer for a month!! That was a really long day. We were at it for about 11 or 12 hours. The day before the "big cook", we did the shopping for the food.
I've tried about 6 or 7 of the meals with our family so far and they've all been quite good and some were delicious!
All in all it's been a busy fall! The trees have changed colour and I have pictures to show for it...I just have to get busy and post them!! So hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow...or the next day. ;)
Have an awesome week friends!!